Jitesh Chhabria
Product Leader & Startup Generalist
Hi, I'm Jitesh Chhabria and am based in Hong Kong. I am now building Small Batch Learning, a modern retail enablement platform that boosts frontline product knowledge to 10x shopper delight (and fill their baskets). Prior to this, I built successful products for companies like Prenetics (CircleDNA) and Decathlon.
I balance the thrill of building startups with yoga, meditation and studying vedic texts. I am a certified yoga teacher and have practised over 60 days in silence. Side note on teaching, I also run an entrepreneurship program at the uni.
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"A great mind with creative and innovative ways of working"
- Sebastien McMurrich
Co-CEO, Appysport

"A one-of-a-kind athlete..with a strong sense of integrity and empathy"
- Runbin Dong
Head of Product, Prenetics

"Jitesh is a pleasure to work with: open minded, enthusiastic and committed"
- Josianne Robb
Chief Digital Officer, Manulife

"He has the ability to inspire..with his repository of product knowledge and inspirational storytelling.."
- Ben Lau
Sr. UI/UX Designer, Decathlon

"I've benefited from his incredible dedication..focused on achieving the best result"
- Danilo Wanner
Principal Software Engineer, Prenetics

"Jitesh has played an important role in my Product Management career."
- Jennifer Elizabeth
Sr. PM, Lynk Global

"Jitesh is an energetic, thoughtful, and highly collaborative product leader."
- Josh Crowhurst
Digital Analytics Manager, Critical Mass

"Jitesh has a wonderfully curious mind and lots of entrepreneurial energy."
- Po Chi Wu
Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur

"Jitesh has a remarkable 'easy intelligence' that allows him to see problems and situations from varied perspectives"
- Ashima Misri
COO & Co-founder, Indusgeeks Ltd.

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