Jitesh Chhabria
Product Leader & Startup Generalist
Hi, I'm Jitesh Chhabria. I am now building Small Batch Learning, a modern retail enablement platform that boosts frontline product knowledge to 10x shopper delight (and fill their baskets). Prior to this, I've built successful products for companies like Prenetics (CircleDNA) and Decathlon.
I balance the thrill of building startups with yoga, meditation and studying vedic texts. I am a certified yoga teacher and have practised over 60 days in silence. Side note on teaching, I also run an entrepreneurship program at the uni.
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"A great mind with creative and innovative ways of working"
- Sebastien McMurrich
Co-CEO, Appysport

"A one-of-a-kind athlete..with a strong sense of integrity and empathy"
- Runbin Dong
Head of Product, Prenetics

"Jitesh is a pleasure to work with: open minded, enthusiastic and committed"
- Josianne Robb
Chief Digital Officer, Manulife

"He has the ability to inspire..with his repository of product knowledge and inspirational storytelling.."
- Ben Lau
Sr. UI/UX Designer, Decathlon

"I've benefited from his incredible dedication..focused on achieving the best result"
- Danilo Wanner
Principal Software Engineer, Prenetics

"Jitesh has played an important role in my Product Management career."
- Jennifer Elizabeth
Sr. PM, Lynk Global

"Jitesh is an energetic, thoughtful, and highly collaborative product leader."
- Josh Crowhurst
Digital Analytics Manager, Critical Mass

"Jitesh has a wonderfully curious mind and lots of entrepreneurial energy."
- Po Chi Wu
Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur

"Jitesh has a remarkable 'easy intelligence' that allows him to see problems and situations from varied perspectives"
- Ashima Misri
COO & Co-founder, Indusgeeks Ltd.

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